King Arthur will land in the summer of 2016

There is nothing left to return to King Arthur, this time by Warner Bros, who will be presenting an unprecedented experience in a medieval film series. “King Arthur,” with Joy Herald’s script, directed by Guy Ritchie, is the biggest decision Warner Bros have ever made to make a comet. To this decision, they have become so confident that they are planning to build six films in an ambitious move. But where does this collection start?

The studio is scheduled to release July 22, 2016, for the release of King Arthur, which in itself represents a heavy-line project showing off for its rivals. This history has always been a favorite of Warner Bros., which featured movies such as the Dark Knight Collection and some of its other blockbuster figures on this date. It looks like Guy Ritchie is far away, and his success in making billions of Sherlock Holmes has attracted the attention of Warner Bros., which also featured The Man From The UNCLE Man He still has the possibility that he will be able to rebuild the man-made and Japanese animation of the same name since 2002, with numerous interruptions and cacophony and arches.

It is said that the story of “King Arthur” is based on a series of short stories based on Thomas M. Malory’s “Le Morte d’Arthur”, in which the stories of Arthur’s adventures, along with his knights known as the “Slumdogs of the Round Table” The fifteenth century is being compiled.

It was originally planned to be made in one of several competitive projects on King Arthur, a film directed by David Dobkin (director of The Wedding Crashers film). The production of this version had almost begun until the Warner Bros. went to the trouble to fund it. The project’s participants are hoping that the new project, with King Arthur’s 2004 version, directed by Jerry Brackhammer, with Clive One and Keira Knightley, will not be compared.

The July 2016 movie list is loading fast. The Warner Bros is said to be on the show for Superman / Batman in the early May of this year, while it was announced that another movie will be presented on the same day. Warner Bros. has now installed its flag for July 22, but a week before that date another part of the Ice Age is scheduled to be launched, and the next part of the “Planet of the Monkeys” will be released a week later. . This month will also begin with films such as Part II of the Independence Day, Angry Birds, Tarzan, and of course Marvel’s movie.

It’s likely that the studio will have a major look at the world-wide markets. Hollywood is enjoying good performances in other parts of the world these days. Most of the films are sold, especially with the advent of 3D technology in cinemas around the world. Therefore, it seems logical to choose this strategy for a project known in other parts of the world as the 2004 version, which is believed to be weak, despite having sold $ 51 million in sales to the United States, managed to roughly triple that $ 151 million worth of sales outside of the United States. The global interest in this character seems to guarantee the high sales of the film outside of the United States, so planning to achieve high-quality sales within the United States should be the top priorities of this production group, especially if you want to include it with 5 sequences. Continue.


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