The subtitle of the third part of the game was officially changed

Peter Jackson announced on Saturday that his subtitled third part of the World of Warcraft has changed on his social networking site.Peter Jackson said: “Our journey was to build the three in some ways, like Bilbo himself, using hidden ways to reveal the secrets we have always had with us. At the beginning of the duo, I went back and returned “was the most appropriate name for the second part. When Bilbo went” there “and returned, he could say with certainty that both an” unexpected trip “and” I went there and returned “were both suitable for two parts Because it involved both the withdrawal of Ehbor and the return and return of Bilbo, but when it was decided that the Hobbit would be triple, this copper The question was completely inappropriate because Billbo arrived at the “Humbling Smash”.

Jackson added: “At the time of the red carpet, I had a quick and quick discussion with the studio heads for the idea of ​​revising the name of part III, and we decided to keep that idea in mind until the first version of Last week, we all came to a common point of view, and after seeing the movie all that only one name was appropriate for this episode, we agreed that it was “the battle of the five corps”.

Jackson also added that the title could be a triple recovery: “Professor Talicken chose the name” I went there and returned “, but there it was the name of the story of Bilbo’s adventures, so if you You would not find any surprise on the third part of the third episode, however, before that, we ended up with the movie, and we shared a lot with you, a quiet and good time period. It’s a pleasure for me and me and Jobs to make a movie in a dark cave in Wellington – the good times are gone. It’s over and we’re about to walk in brightness. (Jackson used Latin in the form of a “step into the light”, which was the first sentence Smagh made when he met Bilbo when he had the only one in his hand. )

We expect to see and hear more about the “Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Corps” in the coming months. At the end of the news, Jackson announced another announcement to his fans that many were waiting for him to hear: “Over the past few months, we have the extended version of the Smash Brahma in our work plan, which includes the final stages to be released. 25 minutes is the new scene and all the recorded music by Howard Salman. ”

The release of “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Corps” starts at 229 other days, on Wednesday, December 10, 2014, and a week after the release of the film in America.


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