Extraterrestrials army are entering to the gaming market !

The computer game of the extraterrestrial armies is a product of the National Computer Games Foundation, which runs the production phase and is in the final stage of the final test. According to the Deputy Directorate for Communications of the National Game Foundation, Aria Sardalian, director of the computer game program of the extraterrestrial armies, said: The production of the game has come to an end and is in the final stage of the final test and preparation for the dubbing. He continued: For the dubbing of the computer game, the extraterrestrial army is being used by the country’s top duplicators. Raspina CEO said the creators of this work at the selection stage The publisher is for the release of the game market Extraterrestrials are the first product released by Raspina, which is being released to the market, and players in the field of broadcasting are expected to support the gaming team. Rhapsody’s CEO said the game has tried to comply with all of the superior gaming standards of this style. Exquisite and fascinating environments along with the flamboyant and fast-paced gameplay coupled with the storytelling process are factors that make the “extraterrestrial army” more than an independent Iranian game. The “Extraterrestrial” computer game, supported by the National Computer Games Foundation Produced by the first-person shooting style and narrator of chivalry Iranians have a different background in the distant years. The Iranian game has succeeded internally and globally, including the fourth place in the vote, the presence of the top 10 independent games of the world at the E32013 exhibition and the power show. The gaming industry in Iran at the largest gaming show in the world, at the GamesCom Gaming Camp in Germany, won the Greenlight Greenlight from the world’s largest gaming network (Steam) and was the first Iranian to win the awards.

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