Mass Effect 4 is in the middle of the construction phase

According to the director of the Bioware Montréal studio, Mr. Yanick Roy, the fourth game of the Mass Effect series, “is in the middle of its construction.” The work on the new version of this popular franchise began in late 2012, and if the game is mid-mid The game’s launch date is likely to be around October 2015. The new Mass Effect game title has not yet been announced. It’s called Mass Effect 4. It’s not clear what this new title is. Whether it’s a previous version or not. But BioWare has proven that the title will be as good as previous versions. Of course, there’s a smoother news story. Dan Mass Effect 4 is now released. The game design has also been completed. The game is powered by the Frostbite 2 engine. It should be noted that the Shepard commander is not the main character in this version, and BioWare uses this game as a “A new thing for Mass Effect.”

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